the King ($99)
- hip-swinging Elvis "impersonator"
- 3 song skit, balloon bouquet, card
Reviving the singing telegram in Pensacola and on the internet!
Marilyn MANroe ($99) VIDEO
- crazy drag Marilyn "look-a-like"
- 3 parody songs, balloon bouquet, card
Pre-pay check/charge OR cash on delivery
Extras (songs, flowers, gifts) by request
& Facebook

Copyright, 2013 ShamaLamaGram
David Suhor, vocal & keys,
jazz & pop

Questions: call or email ShamaLamaGram
call ShamaLamaGram
David (owner, singer)
(850) 512-2220
Hello My Baby (intro)
Hello, Jenny (birthday)
Hello, Joey (pick-me-up)
Some Kind of Wonderful
Classic Telegram Singer ($77)
- great singer in an adorable uniform
- 3 songs, balloon bouquet, card
Some MUSIC  (mp3s):
Funky Chicken ($111)
- a giant singing free-range chicken!
- sings like a bird, cracks up the herd
Granny-Gram ($88)
- hilarious "old lady" farce in your face
- 3 silly songs, balloon bouquet, card
ChiChi Fruit Lady ($99)
- Carmen Miranda on las steriodas
- 3 silly songs, balloon bouquet, card
Telegrams include intro tune, custom song, finale song                *short notice OK; 24-hour paid lead-time REFERRED                
*REGULAR hours: Mon-Sun 8am-10pm                                 *Limited delivery (10 MILES radius) no extra charge (50 cent/mile)
Crooner Gram ($88)
- classic Sinatra-esque jazz singer
- choice of songs, card, balloon bouquet
Gondolier ($88) VIDEO
- "authentic" Italian with beautiful arias sung opera style
- always card and balloon bouquet
Opera Tux Formal ($88) VIDEO
- tux and tails sincere serenade of your favorite song/s
- custom card, balloon bouquet
the Rocker ($77)
- 80s glam = big hair, attitude, voice
- 3 songs, balloon bouquet, card
Gorilla Gram ($111)
- in stitches, life-of-the-party animal
- to-order songs, card, balloon bouquet
LOCALLY delivered, UNFORGETTABLE unique gift for a BIRTHDAY, holiday, or any day or occasion.
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